UCR Athletics

UCR identity standards and logo guidelines also apply to UCR Athletics. There are five approved Highlander logos dedicated to promoting UCR’s 17 sports teams. These specialty logos are not to be used as a substitute for the official UCR logo.

For questions regarding use of UCR Highlander Athletics logos or wordmarks, please contact UCR Intercollegiate Athletics External Relations at (951) 827-5438.

Primary Athletics Logo

UCR Athletics Logo

The primary logo of UCR Intercollegiate Athletics and its many parts is the customized wordmark shown on this page. It replaces all other logos representing UCR Intercollegiate Athletics, for both print and electronic materials. Elements of the logo should not be used separately without the prior consent of UCR Intercollegiate Athletics. This logo should only be used to represent UCR Intercollegiate Athletics, and may only be used by or with permission from UCR Intercollegiate Athletics. It should never replace the official UC Riverside logo for the purpose of representing the University of California, Riverside as a whole. When the Primary Athletics logo is used outside the context of a sporting event, such as on team uniforms or promotional graphics, it should always include the word Athletics, or other athletics identification.

Primary Athletics Logo: Two and One Color

UCR Athletics Logo 2 colors

When the printing method provides eliminated number of colors, these two and one color options are available. When used over a white background the two color option must be printed using the official UCR Blue and Gold, as seen to the right. The one color option should be printed in either UCR Blue, UCR Gold or Black. No other color combinations should be used to reproduce the logo.

Athletics Highlander Bear Mark

Athletics Scotty Mascot Logo

The Highlander Bear mascot is a secondary mark for UC Riverside Athletics. It can be used on promotional items which generate team and university spirit. It is not a substitute for the Primary Athletics Logo, but rather an addition used to celebrate university culture and tradition in regards to campus athletics. It should never be integrated into non-athletics logos or marks. The Highlander Bear Mark can be added to the center of the Primary Athletics Logo. It can also be used in combination with UC Riverside as represented here. When using the Bear Mark alone the printed piece must somewhere include the Primary Athletics Logo or the official UCR logo. Intercollegiate Athletics reserves the right to grant exceptions to this. For clarity purposes, the Highlander Bear head should not be used smaller than .5 inches wide.