The UCR Brand

Why Our Brand Matters

As a member of America’s most prestigious public university system, UC Riverside is one of the most dynamic campuses in the nation. To convey an image consistent with who we are, to reinforce pride in our academic success and research impacts, and to communicate effectively with our many key audiences and stakeholders, UCR has established a unified institutional brand.

A brand is much more than a name or logo. A strong brand defines our strengths, captures the essence of our shared identity, and tells our unique story. It significantly enhances the collective impact of our campus communications efforts, enabling UCR to more effectively compete in a crowded marketplace for new students, faculty, supporters, and funding resources. It elevates our institutional reputation by reinforcing our most distinctive qualities, assets, and accomplishments.

This brand site is designed as a resource for anyone who writes, edits, or designs content for or speaks publicly about UCR. Consistent use of these resources helps ensure that UC and UCR policies and guidelines are being properly applied to official stationery, business cards, signage, university websites, seals, products, publications, and other official collateral. Explore the UCR Brand Book for message guidance and Power Claims customized for select audiences.

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