UCR Colors

In addition to logos, colors are an important recognizable aspect of brand identity. UCR’s brand colors reflect a diverse and young campus. Consistent use of UC Riverside brand colors ensures our communications establish a shared identity among UCR students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the local community, and visual recognition nationally.

UCR Primary Colors


Primary Color Palette

The university's primary color palette is an important asset in establishing a unified, consistent identity. Our primary palette uses UCR Blue, UCR Gold, UCR Gray and white.

The designated blue and gold colors should be used in all full-color logos and across all campus communications and applications. For applications where there is a significant amount of black, use the designated gray. Shade variations of the gray can be produced for lighter options. 

UCR's primary color palette is the preferred palette for official university communications and should comprise at least 75% of all campus-produced communication materials.

The UC Riverside colors are based on the PANTONE* Color Standard.

For color matching, refer printers or vendors to the current PANTONE Color Formula Guide. Note that the PANTONE Color Standard is specified as “C” for coated. This means that PANTONE™ 660C and PANTONE™ 130C are UCR identity ink colors based on the PANTONE COATED PAPER swatch book. UCR Blue and UCR Gold colors must print to match PANTONE COATED PAPER ink swatches. When printing on uncoated paper, match to coated paper ink swatches.

Since differences in substrates and processes can affect color, the CMYK equivalents at right are guidelines only and should not be considered exact matches. To ensure consistent results, always proof carefully against the PANTONE Color Standard.

Note: Colors shown throughout this manual are for demonstration purposes only. For accurate color standards, refer to the current edition of the PANTONE Color Formula Guide.

*PANTONE is Pantone, Inc.’s check-standard for color reproduction and color-reproduction materials.