The UC Riverside identity system has two levels of logos under the main institutional logo: unit and department.

All groups allocated a unit logo or department logo have access to horizontal and vertical versions of their respective logo. This provides flexibility of use in print and online materials. All logos adhere to a specific naming convention in a consistent manner across the university. Unit and department logos can replace the main UC Riverside Institutional logo on printed and online materials; it is not necessary to use both logos.

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Unit/Department Logo

The UC Riverside unit/department logos establish UCR’s distinct identity. To clearly communicate the goals and vision of the university, the identity must be displayed consistently according to our brand guidelines. To the right are examples of the available color options unit/department logos may use.

Some applications may require deviation from the identity guidelines. In these cases, such as imprinting the logo on clothing, an exception or waiver may be requested by contacting University Relations.

Common Missuse

  • Do not change any colors of the logo.
  • Do not print the logo in UCR blue or black over a dark background.
  • Do not print the reversed (white) logo onto a light or white background.
  • Do not place the logo over a heavily patterned background.
  • Maintain a clear area of isolation on all sides of the logo. Use the height of the "U" in "UC" as the minimum separation from any other element or text. 
  • Do not use a custom graphic in place of the official unit/department logo.
Department logo color options


Campus partnerships solidify our impact as a university. When representing multiple campus units/departments on one piece — for example, on the sponsor page of an event program — use a single UC Riverside logo with unit names listed separately in text. Use type style (size, weight, etc) to denote different levels of sponsorship if necessary. Do not use multiple unit/department logos together.

co-branding example

Student Organizations

By virtue of their official relationship with UCR, recognized student organizations are given access to official visuals.

Showing Affiliation with UC Riverside
Recognized student organizations are not required to use official institutional logos when communicating, but if they wish to do so, they may. Organizations are free to brand publications, merchandise and other communications with official logos so long as those logos are used in the manner prescribed in the brand guidelines.

When organizations use official logos to show affiliation with UC Riverside, institutional logos must be separate and distinct from the organizations’ logos. Combining the UC Riverside logo or monogram with custom graphics – to create a new logo – is never allowed.

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