UCR AP Style Guide 

University Relations uses the Associated Press (AP) Stylebook as a guide for journalistic copy. We've also assembled an extensive stylebook to provide guidance in editorial instances unique to UCR and higher education institutions that may differ from or aren't addressed by the AP Stylebook. The UCR Stylebook also highlights AP style guidelines frequently used at UCR. 

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Power Claims

University Relations has created a central editorial resource for campus communicators to access important strategic university messaging. This includes UCR power claims that communicate the university's substantial impact, quality, and effectiveness among higher education institutions. 

Explore the UCR Brand Book for message guidance customized for select audiences.

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Inclusive Style Guide

UCR’s Inclusive Style Guide is a living document compiled by UCR’s University Relations team to help you incorporate welcoming language into your daily communications.

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Social Media Resources

In the digital age, the stories we share about UCR's impact are sent through a variety of media no longer limited to print publications and institutional websites. Broader opportunities are available to build community, listen, and share stories about what life at UCR is like. 

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Email Signatures

A unified standard of delivery also exists beyond print and digital publications to other ways we communicate as representatives of the university. Our office has developed good standards and practices for other communication tools. 

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Contact our office if you have any questions or would like additional resources not found on this site. 

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