Visual Identity

Students wearing UCR t-shirts

A consistent, unified UCR brand represents our shared identity through an easily-remembered positive public image.

Learn more about the benefits of a shared branding effort and find answers to frequently asked questions on requesting logos, fonts, photos, and brand templates.  

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UCR Logos and Best Practices

UCR's logos are a strong visual representation of our brand and should be used in all official UCR print and electronic communications. The UCR brand is represented by a two-word primary wordmark that locks up the name of the university in a customized design. The UCR monogram is a customized design based on the university's initials.

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UCR Seal

UCR has a unique, official seal that has been adapted from the UC system seal. The UCR seal must be used exclusively in all official UCR communications and must not be altered or modified. The seal has guidelines for its use based on approved colors, clear space, minimum size, correct cropping, and incorrect usage. 

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UCR Color Palette

UCR’s brand colors reflect a diverse and young campus. Consistent use of UCR brand colors ensures our communications establish a shared identity among UCR students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the local community and visual recognition nationally. Our primary palette uses UCR Blue, UCR Gold, UCR Gray and white.

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UCR Typefaces

University Communications has designated two typefaces for use on official UCR communications: Trade Gothic, a sans-serif font that is recommended for headings, and Sabon, a serif font that displays well in body text. Both may be used on either PC or Mac platforms. 

For unofficial general publications such as flyers, brochures, and postcards, a number of free web fonts have been chosen as acceptable alternatives. 

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UCR Stationery

The university’s letterhead, envelopes, and business cards were designed to maintain the integrity of the campus identity and establish a professional quality stationery system to represent the institution.

Two versions of approved letterhead are available, one following a more traditional style. To maintain identity integrity and quality, only professionally-printed stationery with official UCR Blue and UCR Gold colors are permitted for use. Modifications to stationery require written approval from University Communications. 

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Living The Promise

Living The Promise is a comprehensive campaign dedicated to raising funds to support UCR students, faculty, research, programs, and facilities, and is driven by campus academic priorities.The campaign’s logo of a sunburst and a rich, vibrant color palette seek to convey the characters of a diverse, vibrant, and innovative campus.

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UCR Athletics

UCR identity standards and logo guidelines also apply to UCR Athletics. There are five approved Highlander logos dedicated to promoting UCR’s 17 sports teams. These specialty logos are not to be used as a substitute for the official UCR logo.

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Use best practices, tips, and resources to create your own video! 

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UCR’s website is an important tool for our campus to use in promoting our brand identity. Elements such as colors, graphics, fonts, and messaging used throughout the site are official representations of the UCR brand and ultimately support the university's mission and vision. 

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