UC Riverside Stationery

The university’s letterhead, envelopes, and business cards were designed to maintain the integrity of the campus identity and establish a professional quality stationery system to represent the institution.

Two versions of approved letterhead are available, one following a more traditional style. To maintain identity integrity and quality, only professionally-printed stationery with official UCR Blue and UCR Gold colors are permitted for use. Modifications to stationery require written approval from University Communications. Letterhead is readily available by order through UCR Printing and Reprographics.

Contact University Communications if you have any questions or concerns. 

Visit the Downloads page to access UCR Letterhead in ms word 

UCR Stationery: Letterhead

Primary Version
For the more traditional version of the letterhead, it is suggested that Times New Roman be used as the typeface for body text with type size at 10 point and line spacing set at 16 point (Format > Paragraph > Line Spacing). Set the top margin at 1.875”, the bottom margin at 1.25”, the left margin at 1.25”, and the right margin at 1.25”. Begin with the date on the first line. Leave two empty line spaces between the date and address and three line spaces between the closing and signatory name. Leave one empty line space between all other paragraphs.

Alternate Version
For the alternate version of the letterhead, set the top margin at 1.5”, the bottom margin at 1.25”, the left margin at 1.75” and the right margin at 1”.

Primary and Alternate Letterhead Image

UCR Stationery: Letterhead, Second Page

UCR Letterhead Second Page Image

General guidelines for formatting second and multiple pages are shown here. Flexibility is allowed, depending on content and length of the letter.

UCR Stationery: Word Template

UCR Electronic Letterhead

This Microsoft Word letterhead template is intended primarily for use in digital communications, but it can serve as desktop printed stationery as well. After you create your body copy, export it as a PDF. The font you should use to populate your information is Arial, and for the content of your letter is Times New Roman. Contact University Communications for complimentary stationery/logo design assistance. 

You can also purchase high quality UCR branded stationery and business cards through Printing and Reprographics.

Visit the Downloads page to access UCR Letterhead in ms word 


UC System Letterhead

UC System Letterhead

In addition to official UCR letterhead, UC system stationery may be approved for use on a case-by-case basis for those departments and units involved in system-wide business and communication activities.

For specialized applications that require the use of system-wide UC stationery, visit the UC Office of the President (UCOP) Marketing Communications site.

UCR Stationery: #10 Envelope

UCR #10 Envelope

The example illustrates the formatting to be used on #10 envelopes.

The recommended typeface for body text is Times New Roman 10 point with line spacing set at 16 point (Format > Paragraph > Line Spacing). Set the top margin at 2” and the left margin at 4.125”.

UCR Business Cards

UCR business cards one and two sides

Four approved business card formats for general use are shown here. All four cards print in the UCR identity colors, UCR Gold, UCR Blue and UCR Gray. Approved fonts for business cards are Trade Gothic Bold, Trade Gothic Medium and Trade Gothic Oblique.

Two-sided bilingual card
Administrative, Academic, and Foreign Language business card

All cards have been designed to exact specifications. Changes to design layout, font sizes and font cases (upper & lower) are not permitted. The cardholder’s personal information belongs below the UCR wordmark, with the key departmental affiliation (e.g., college or school for academic affiliations; office name for nonacademic administrative units) to the right of the logo.

For multiple affiliations, the cardholder must list the primary (e.g., college) affiliation at the card upper right, with the option of listing another affiliation with the personal information. For example, the business card for a professor of social sciences would include College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences on the upper right, with her name and title and departmental affiliation under the UCR logo.

Additional affiliation information can be printed on the card back. For example, a professor with a college and department affiliation can list his position as journal editor or center director on the card back.

If printing is requested on the back of the card, such as a translation of the card in a foreign language, please be advised that only text is allowed and it must print in a predetermined area in approved font size and color. Other logos or images are not permitted on the back of the card. In the case of the translated card, these fonts require printing on specific materials, so please consult Creative Design Services for ordering information.

Shown here are several examples of correct business card applications, including an approved format for a UCR graduate student business card. Note that deans must approve the issuance of and format for all graduate student cards.

To order business cards, contact UCR Printing and Reprographics.