For Vendors

UC Riverside works closely with its vendors to support and protect the UCR brand through the appropriate use of authorized logos and marks, including the official UCR logo, the UCR Seal, and the UCR Athletics logo. The bottom of this page provides links to specific guidelines for the proper and authorized use of each of these logos. For more complete information, please download and familiarize yourself with UCR’s official brand guide:

UCR Brand Guide

To ensure materials produced do not violate UCR brand guidelines or terms of service, submit a work proof through the Brand Manager Portal prior to production. Vendors can get licensed here.

Your UCR client is responsible for providing you with the correct logo suited to your project’s needs. If they are not in possession of the correct logo, they should request it from their unit’s marketing manager. If their unit does not have the correct file format, they should submit a request to University Relations through Workfront.

Visit the UCR Procurement site for more information on becoming an authorized UCR vendor.

Images of backdrops, tshirts, street banner, and other branded merchandise.