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UC Riverside’s website is an important tool for our campus to use in promoting our brand identity. Elements such as colors, graphics, fonts, and messaging used throughout the site are official representations of the UCR brand and ultimately support the university's mission and vision.

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Providing end-users with a consistent brand experience throughout UCR sites encourages brand recognition and also communicates unity and professionalism.

UCR’s 2018-2019 website redesign project was integral to the university’s strategic communications in establishing a stronger digital presence. is a space for us to cohesively promote our brand, mission, and vision while providing memorable experiences for website visitors. The redesign project has focused on five key areas that allow us to improve user experience, attract high-quality students, faculty, and staff, increase UCR’s support and donor bases, and deliver our compelling content through a more vibrant, visual layout. 

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  • Usability: making the website’s navigation more intuitive and information easier to find
  • Accessibility: making website use easier for persons with disabilities  
  • Optimization: improving the website’s search engine optimization, increasing quality site traffic and providing relevant data 
  • Display: communicating a clean and vibrant look that echoes UCR’s personality and visual identity 
  • Adaptability: ensuring responsiveness across mobile and tablet device platforms 

Information Technology Solutions (ITS) and University Relations have partnered to bring Drupal and Pantheon's service to the UCR campus. This platform provides a more robust, feature-rich, and easy-to-use web solution to eligible sites across campus.

ITS has a website to guide you through the process of starting to design and develop your own website. This site is your Resource Guide to all things Drupal.

Visit the ITS blog for the latest information about implementations of the system and available components.