UC Riverside’s key campus-wide communications vehicles include the following resources, several of which are available for use by all campus communicators.

Target Audience: External

UCR Magazine

UCR News

UCR Life

UCR Events Calendar — The UCR Events Calendar is available to all campus departments and programs, is easily searchable by students, mobile optimized, and can be integrated into your Drupal website. Request publisher access by contacting UCR Events Support.


Target Audience: Employees

Inside UCR — News hub for staff and faculty

Inside UCR Weekly — Issued every Wednesday to all UCR employees

Coming up at UCR — Weekly digest of events sent to all UCR employees

R'Space — Faculty and staff portal. To obtain access to post spotlights or announcements, submit a ticket with ITS. 


Scotmail — Email messages that are time sensitive and relevant to entire campus.


Target Audience: Students

For assistance in promoting information and events open only to UCR students, please contact the following departments to request assistance:

R'Side Weekly — email newsletter update to all UCR students

R'Grad Weekly — email newsletter update to all UCR graduate students

R'Campus — email digest of user-generated submission sent weekly to all students 

R'Web — This channel is available to colleges, schools and other departments designated by the R'Web team to share important, non-event-related announcements. Your college, school or department marketing staff member has been designated as the power-user for your area. Please work with them if you wish to have non-event-related messages posted to R'Web. Announcements are limited to a two-week run.

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