Consistent typography is an additional component to UC Riverside’s branding. Fonts serve as a key tool when used effectively and consistently across print and digital communications. University Relations has designated typefaces for use on official UCR communications: Rift, a sans-serif font, is recommended for top-line communications (headines and sub-headlines). Rift is an Adobe Typeface available through Creative Cloud

In instances where Rift isn't available, Oswald, a free-to-use Google font may be substituted.

For body copy (letters, editorial, etc.) a sans-serif font, Fira Sans, and a secondary serif option EB Garamond, both free-to-use Google fonts, are recommended. 

Access UCR's Typography:

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For top-line communications (headline, sub-headline) Rift is the preferred font. In instances where Rift isn't available, Oswald, a free-to-use Google font may be substituted (see below). 

Type Rift Family

Fira Sans

For body copy (letters, editorial, etc.) Fira Sans, a sans-serif font should be used.  Fira Sans is a free-to-use Google font, available for download here:

UCR Type Fira Sans
Type Fira Sans Image 2


In instances where Rift isn't available to use for top-line communication (headline, sub-headline), Oswald, a free-to-use Google font may be substituted, and is available for download here:

Type Oswald Family

EB Garamond

EB Garamond should be used as a serif alternate font to Fira Sans in body copy (letters, editorial, etc.). EB Garamond is a free-to-use Google font, available for download here:

Type EB Garamond Family 1
Type EB Garamond Family 2