The UCR monogram is a shortened version of the primary logo. It should be used on materials and merchandise primarily intended for (targeted to) audiences already familiar with UC Riverside (ex: alumni, current students, campus community, etc.).

Do not display both the UCR monogram and the UCR primary logo together. However, when featuring the monogram as a stand-alone element, it is best practice to also include a text reference to UC Riverside.

UCR Monogram

For all applications, the monogram must be displayed in approved UCR gold and UCR blue colors. When only one color is available or the background does not lend itself to the two-color rendition, there are two one-color versions that can be used: UCR blue, and UCR yellow. The logo can also be reversed to white over a background.

Access UCR's Campus Brand Toolkit:

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UCR Monogram over White Background
UCR Monogram over Blue Background
UCR Monogram over Yellow Background

UCR Monogram — Black and Grayscale

For special cases, the monogram can be used as grayscale/black, and black as shown here. 

monogram black and greyscale

Monogram — Area of Isolation

It is recommended that the monogram have a minimum amount of clear space isolating it from other elements. This area of isolation, or minimum recommended clear space is identified here to the right.

UCR Monogram Clear Space

Monogram — Minimum Size

To ensure it is clearly legible, it is recommended that the monogram not appear smaller than the minimum size requirement shown here to the right.

UCR Monogram Minimum Size

Monogram — Common Misuse

The monogram establishes UCR’s distinct identity. To clearly communicate the goals and vision of the university, the identity must be displayed consistently according to the guidelines in this manual. Some applications may require deviation from the identity guidelines. In these cases, such as imprinting the logo on clothing, an exception or waiver may be requested by contacting University Relations.

Examples of Incorrect Usage of the Monogram