UCR Monogram

UCR Monogram Approved Colors

The UCR monogram is a shortened version of the primary wordmark. Incorporating the style and colors of the wordmark, the monogram reinforces brand recognition using the university’s abbreviated name.

The monogram’s shortened size has advantages over the primary wordmark. It is more quickly interpreted and fits better for certain applications, such as promotional items like T-shirts, cups, mugs, key chains and button pins.

The monogram is redundant when displayed on the same page with the primary wordmark. However, when using the monogram, please include the university's complete name (University of California, Riverside) somewhere on the same application. This clarifies that the monogram letters refer to the University of California, Riverside.

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UCR Monogram: Approved Colors

Whenever possible, the monogram should be used in the approved UCR gold and UCR blue colors.

When only one color is available or the background does not lend itself to the two-color rendition, there are four one-color versions that can be used: UCR blue, grayscale/black, black, and white.