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The UC Riverside primary wordmark is a custom graphic available as one complete digital artwork file. It is not a font and should not be recreated using standard fonts. The wordmark should not be inserted into text. When the university’s name appears in copy, it should be spelled out as “University of California, Riverside,” “UC Riverside,” or “UCR.”

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Primary Wordmark: Approved Colors

Wordmark Approved Colors

For all applications, the primary wordmark must be displayed in colors specified on these pages. Whenever possible, the wordmark should be used in the approved UC Riverside Gold and Blue colors.

When only one color is available or the background does not lend itself to the two-color rendition, there are three one-color versions that can be used: UCR Blue, Grayscale/Black and White.

See our Color Palette

Primary Wordmark: Approved Reversed Colors

When displaying the primary wordmark on a background color, it is best to place it on one of the primary identity colors, UCR Blue or UCR Gold. This reinforces the strength of the identity.

When the wordmark must be placed on a busy background, it should be reversed out to white.


UCR Logo Two Color Reversed
UCR Logo One Color Reversed
UCR Logo Over Image

Primary Wordmark: Clear Space

Wordmark clear space

To keep the integrity of the logo, the wordmark must be surrounded by clear space at least equal to the width of the letter “U.” Other design elements, such as type, photography and illustrations, must not be positioned within the “U” clear space. As a general rule, the more clear space around the wordmark the better. For example, the wordmark would be the only logo on a page.

Primary Wordmark: Minimum Size

Wordmark minimum size 1.75 inches

The primary wordmark can be scaled down to a minimum size of 1.75 inches.

For applications between 1.5 and 1.75 inches, like printing the wordmark on a pen, a distinct small-scale wordmark that maintains fine detail and clarity is available for use. The wordmark should not be used in applications smaller than 1.5 inches.

For questions about wordmark clear space, small applications or exceptions, please contact us.

Primary Wordmark: Incorrect Usage

The primary wordmark exclusively establishes UCR’s distinct identity. To clearly communicate the goals and vision of the university, the identity must be displayed consistently according to the guidelines in this manual.

Some applications may require deviation from the identity guidelines. In such cases, such as imprinting the logo on clothing, an exception or waiver may be granted by obtaining written permission from University Communications. 



Incorrect Usage Examples


Incorrect Usage Examples


Incorrect Usage Examples