UCR Logos

Significant research and consideration from students, faculty, staff, and key stakeholders has gone into the most important feature of UCR’s brand identity: our logos. UCR’s logos are a strong visual representation of our brand and are to be used only on official UCR publications, print and digital materials, communications channels, and on merchandise authorized by UCR-affiliated units.

All UCR branded logos are the property of the institution and are governed by specific usability guidelines. Unauthorized logos (i.e. logos or wordmarks that differ from official institutional marks, or that have not been explicitly approved by University Relations) may not be used to convey official representation of UCR. Unauthorized, unaffiliated, or personal websites, publications, channels, print and/or digital materials are not allowed to use/feature UCR institutional logos without the express written permission of University Relations.

Use of UCR institutional logos on print, digital, web, and social channels managed by UCR student organizations requires approval by University Relations. Those student organizations affiliated with the Division of Student Affairs should contact University Relations for permission and guidance on applications of all institutional logos.

Institutional Logo and Monogram

The UC Riverside institutional/primary logo should be featured on official campus print and digital collateral and communications channels. It is available in both horizontal and vertical applications. As one complete digital artwork file, this customized logo is NOT a font and should not be recreated using standard fonts.

For all applications, the primary logo (horizontal and vertical) must be displayed in colors specified here, and should be used in the approved UCR gold and UCR blue colors found in the university's primary color palette. When only one color is available or the background does not lend itself to the two-color rendition, there are two one-color versions that can be used: UCR blue, and UCR yellow. The logo can also be reversed to white over a background.

For special cases, the logo can be used as grayscale/black, and black.

The UCR monogram is a shortened version of the primary logo and should be used on materials and merchandise primarily intended for audiences already familiar with UC Riverside.

See additional specifications for the institutional logo and the monogram

Access the Campus Brand Toolkit with style guide:

visit the downloads page 

UC Riverside Logo and Monogram Graphic