UCR Logos

Significant research and consideration from students, faculty, staff, and key stakeholders has gone into the most important feature of UCR’s brand identity: our logos. UCR’s logos are a strong visual representation of our brand and should be used in all official UCR print and electronic communications.

All UCR-branded logos are the property of the institution and are governed by specific guidelines for their use based on branding best practices. UCR logos should not be altered by changes in size, proportions, colors, special effects, relative relationship of design elements (the approved logo “lock-up”), new taglines or other design elements which, in effect, would create an unofficial logo.

UCR Wordmark and Monogram

UCR Wordmark and Monogram

The UCR brand is represented by a two-word primary wordmark that locks up the name of the university in a customized design. The UCR monogram is a customized design based on the university's initials. Both logos use the UCR Gold and UCR Blue colors found in the university's primary color palette.

Unauthorized logos may not be used in any official representation of UCR.

Unofficial electronic and print communications (including individual faculty and student, student organization, and professional organization websites and publications) must obtain written authorization from University Communications to use the logos.

See additional specifications for the primary wordmark and the UCR monogram.


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