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Email is one of the most frequently used communication tools at UCR, both internally and externally. As representatives of UCR, it's important to maintain professionalism in our email communications and aim to follow UCR brand guidelines for email formatting. 

Keep Signatures Simple: Don’t get overly complex when formatting your email signature and keep the number of lines to a minimum.

Images: Minimize the number of images within your email signature. Many email clients and mobile devices block images or require the end user to approve their download. Additionally, too many images can make an email signature look cluttered. 

Quotes: Refrain from using quotes or epigraphs as best practice for professional communication. It also avoids assumption that a particular statement represents the University’s official slogan, ideology, or brand promise.

Use Plain Text Formatting: Avoid Rich Text Formatting and opt for plain text so your signature is more likely to be compatible with all email clients and devices. Avoid colors, special fonts, and html.

Setting Up Your Email Signature

Name: Arial Bold 11pt

Title: Arial Regular 11pt
Organization/Department: Arial Regular 11pt
Contact Information: Arial Regular 11pt

Social Media Links: Arial Regular 11pt
To be discoverable socially, use your account handle as plain text and make sure that the name used in your email signature is searchable on the networks you use.

It is recomended not to use social media icons within the email signature. Images can come across as attachments and appear chaotic. Many email clients and mobile devices block the appearance of images.

Logo: RGB color, Height 50px

UCR logo for email 50px height
Missing media.


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