University Relations has a photography manager on staff for photo coverage at select campus opportunities and events. Priority is given to high-profile, executive, and university advancement requests. To submit a request for photography, complete the form at the link below with as much detail as possible. If our office makes a determination to provide you with photography coverage, further consultation will help us arrive at the most mutually beneficial coverage strategy that will meet your needs and provide UCR with high-quality images for future communications use. 

Submit a Photography Request


Faculty & Staff Portrait Services 

University Relations offers a number of photo sessions throughout the year, usually held on the final business Friday of each month. Refer back to this page for any date changes. To reserve a spot in one of the available sessions, send an email to Stan Lim ( If you are contacting us on behalf of a number of people in your unit, include the name and email address of each faculty and staff member who will be attending. Academic departments that would like to arrange faculty photo sessions may reach out to us for alternative dates.

Members of the Video Production Team and different Video equipment


Creating Your Own Video: Best Practices, Tips, and Resources

Before you start, think about your goals, key messages, audience, and rollout strategy. Focus on the story first and consider how you will make viewers feel emotion (humor, fear, excitement, etc.) and connect with your message.  


Use a tripod, if possible, and think about storytelling possibilities for the background.

Framing Tutorial



Make sure there is enough light to see your subject.

Lighting Tutorial



Use a microphone. If interviewing people, place the microphone as close to them as possible. Final audio mix should peak at -6 db.

Sound Tutorial


Shorter is usually better (we aim for 1-2 minutes). The first three seconds are critical in getting your viewers' attention. Here is an example of using "b-roll" to help bring a story to life:

Editing Tutorial



Watch out for copyright violations and avoid using music unless you have permission to do so. Our team can provide licensed music for your projects, as needed.



Follow the current technical specifications for the platform where you are posting your video.

Have fun!

Other Video Tips, Policies, and Resources


  • Official Branding in Videos

    Official branding is used in UCR-produced videos. Whether your video is posted on one of UCR's main social media channels or on your own college, school, or department's channel, use properly-branded logos wherever appropriate. UCR logos are available on the Downloads page and logo best practice guidelines are available on the UCR Logos page. To obtain a branded logo for your college, school, or department, contact University Communications. 

  • Photo/Video Release Form

    We advise asking everyone in your video to sign a video release form and saving the signed forms for future reference. Click on the links below to view and download the forms. 

    Individual Release Form

    Group Release Form

  • Filming on Campus

    News organizations can shoot photos or video in public areas of the UC Riverside campus. Media access to university buildings and restricted areas is coordinated through UCR University Communications.

    Filming/taping/photography for commercial purposes, such as television programs, movies and advertisements, must be approved in advance. No use of UC Riverside trademarks or service marks is permitted without advance written approval. Policies for commercial filming and photography on campus can be found on the UC Riverside policy website.

    Complete a Filming Request Form if you are interested in commercial filming or photography on campus. 

    Drone Policy

    It is illegal to fly a drone on campus unless you have a FAA license and are pre-registered with UCR Environmental Health & Safety's Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Program:



  • Watch UCR's Videos

    Stay updated on the latest videos we upload to our YouTube channel. It's a great chance for you to see what we're working on and get ideas for your own videos as well. 

    Checkout our YouTube page here and don't forget to subscribe! 

Need More Information?

All official UCR video content is created and/or curated by University Relations. All videos contain copyrighted material of the UC Regents. If you would like to use some or all of an existing video, please let us know.

Check out best practices, tips for filming with your phone, and additional resources in the following Video 101 presentation, available in both Microsoft PowerPoint and PDF formats. 

visit the downloads page to access the video 101 Presentation

If you still have additional questions or would like to discuss our services, contact us: 

Omar Gonzalez
Director of Video Production, University Relations
Phone: (951) 827-5979